Collaboration between institutions and industries is an essential factor in today's business world. Especially when it comes to the coorporation between universities and companies - where leading consultent companies with industry knowledge compose an crucial element for success.

CORPE is a platform with an international dimension securing the best possibilities for an usable outcome. The partners have a long international track record both in research, deveopment and commercialization.


The universities involved will create an international Ph.D. research school where different courses will be held both by industry and universities which will strengthen mobility and exchange of the Ph.D. students. The universities bring in different research networks with a number of international companies involved which opens the possibility to increase the number of engaged companies in reliability issues. One example is the European Center of Power Electronics (ECPE) which has more than 50 companies as members, and it is the expectation that new projects will be initiated (EU) with ECPE and its member companies.

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All industries are global market players in selling products for energy production and energy consumption, e.g., pumps, wind turbines and motor drives. The work packages will benefit from receiving feedback from different marketplaces globally in respect to failure types and mechanisms

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